17-Italians Tested-positive to Coronavirus in India

17-Italians Tested-positive to Coronavirus in India
17-Italians Tested-positive to Coronavirus in India

17-Italians Tested-positive to Coronavirus in India. A group of Italian tourists are put in quarantine in India, with 17 testing positive for the new coronavirus, a source told AFP Wednesday.

Italy may be a hotspot of the deadly virus with 79 deaths and quite 2,500 infected, while India’s official case total stands at only 21.

After two out of a gaggle of 23 tourists who arrived within the country last month tested positive within the western state of Rajasthan, the opposite 21 were anesthetize quarantine during a special facility in New Delhi on Tuesday.

15 tested positive for coronavirus, out of 21 immigrants in India. We are still waiting for the coronavirus test results of the others,” the source said on condition of being kept anonymous.

Worldwide around 3,200 people have died from the virus with quite 90,000 infections, with China, South Korea , Italy, Iran and Japan the worst affected.

India has now enacted a policy issuing preventative measures which entails barring immigrants from these four countries: Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan, with the exception of diplomats and officials from international bodies. This is due to the outrageous number of persons that have tested positive to coronavirus in this aforementioned countries.

“There is no need to panic. We need to figure together, take small yet important measures to make sure self-protection,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted on Tuesday.

With regards to combacting on the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus, various ministries & states are working together, from testing and investigating immigrants coming into India to ensure adequate medical care,” he said.

17-Italians Tested-positive to Coronavirus in India

India is on the verge of taking desperate decisions to ensure desperate measure of combacting the coronavirus outbreak in their country. Desperate times they say call for desperate measures. With the number of immigrants into their country that tested positive to coronavirus is outrageous and hard decision from the government is required to curb this so as to safeguard the lives of her citizens.


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