18 Lekki Toll Staff Captured By The Police


The Lekki Concession Company Limited has given more than 18 toll authorities, associated to have cheated it with immense aggregates of cash, to the police for examination.

The Managing Director, LCC, Mr Mubashiru Hassan, who owned this known in an expression on Wednesday, said the influenced representatives exploited the operational hitches, which happened in January, to execute some sharp practices at the Admiralty Circle Toll Plaza in Lekki, Lagos.

Eyes Of Lagos accumulated that, According to him, following the goals of the hitches in June, the activities division completed a review and found a few irregularities in exchanges, for example, the maltreatment of the exchange unblock key and non-adherence to vehicle preparing methods, including the receipt of cash from clients without handling the vehicles and non-issuance of toll receipts to clients in the wake of accepting installment.

“Different offenses were harm of toll gear; non-adherence to the controls and working systems, including the utilization of individual telephones in the stalls; handling of vehicles on someone else’s profile; and recording and representing low traffic numbers during pinnacle periods,” the announcement said.

Hassan was cited as saying that subsequent upon the revelation, the influenced laborers were questioned and a disciplinary panel was set up to investigate the issue.

He expressed, “Out of the 56 speculated staff individuals, six were excused and 18 were prosecuted in the primary cluster and gave over to the police on July 11, 2019, for further examination, while the rest of the 32 are as yet experiencing inward addressing before unequivocal move will be made against them in accordance with the disciplinary arrangements of the organization.

“The LCC the executives will never endure any false demonstration and will deal with such conduct conclusively.”

He depicted the influenced laborers as unrepentant as “they have not seen what they have done as a criminal offense.”

“Rather, they have gone on the online life to censure the fitness and character of the administration staff, particularly the overseeing chief and supervisors in the tasks office, who researched and unwound the deceitful demonstration,” Hassan expressed.


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