A Letter To Buhari For Bidding Farewell To Anyone Who Doesn’t Find Nigeria Favorable


In an open discourse to the public today, the President after much happenings at last opened up to state to Nigerians. He stated, “Anyone who thought he have some other Country than Nigeria, Good bye.” – President Buhari.

PMB, with due regard the nation you are running isn’t working!

Nigeria is in a condition of genuine agitation and there is requirement for the president to imply on solidarity among various areas of the country as a device for country building and advancement. His announcement is absolutely harsh. No one needs to leave his family and companions and proceed to begin in another nation.

Americans are pleased with their nation and of their pioneers on the grounds that the nation and its pioneers shield the general population. Same for those different nations that individuals are going to.

The inverse is the situation for Nigeria. Indeed, even the most extravagant man in the nation has said a few times that he was miserable about how government makes the nation intolerable for the individuals who live and contribute here.

Your office needs to discover approaches to make Nigerians pleased with Nigeria. We cannot see that event now.

I have decided in favor of you in races, yet in all actuality, whenever given the opportunity I will never do as such again.

The land stinks. The entire spot has turned out to be so shaky, even to the degree that individuals can’t visit their friends and family in towns. Guardians in towns are stating to their youngsters – stay where you are, don’t come!

A large number of Nigerians do exchanging, yet go check what’s going on now and the ports of passage – Corruption is being re-characterized without trying to hide.

Inept individuals are being remunerated with significant and key workplaces.

This announcement, if its actual originated from the president, is extremely unsportsmanlike. It is scouring salt upon damage.

It falls in a similar class of that equivalent discourse that ‘our young people are apathetic’!

Sir, the majority of those leaving would prefer not to, however they feel the nation has bombed them and have looked for citizenship somewhere else, with the goal that their youngsters are no made to experience very similar things.

Sir, we need your group to rouse trust, give confirmations and activate the instruments of government to work for the benefit of all things considered.

There is promise for Nigeria – Our pioneers should advocate that message, generally the hopelessness looked by a few a large number of Nigerians may simply proceed with unabated.


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