Ahmed Musa’s Attitude Might Cost Us AFCON 2019


Ahmed Musa is being unselfis, however the issue is he passes the ball to ighalo who either squander it or the ball is passed to nobody specifically, consequently squandering a scoring opportunity. There are ordinarily he ought to have ‘Alexis Sanchez’ the ball into the furthest corner in the wake of pulling back and leaving the protectors in limbo, at that point he will simply go to the center and obviously it gets squandered.

A regular German group will dash the ball out towards the extra shot spot and watch how objective will occur, yet Musa will volley it high over the essence of the goal. That’s the perspective he needs to deal with. In spite of the fact that I comprehend that he may play mentor’s guidance however neglecting to apply watchfulness.

The way that a mentor instructs you to utilize your speed from the wing and drop ball for striker does not mean you do that in each circumstance. The mentor is to be accused since that is by all accounts his guidance that Musa is presently following to,,Musa scored solo objectives against Iceland even wen there is somebody to pass to,so this new example I never get it.. Furthermore the group is playing a greater amount of preservationist with two guarded disapproved of midfielders and d wing backs once in a while joins the attack..if not we won’t just rely upon Ighalo to score those reductions and passes..Use Mancity for instance,Sterling,Bernado,Walker or Mendy can never go after keep running without somebody hitting it into d net,,someone must be there to demonstrate d contrast in strategies.

Thou he is attempting to b a benevolent pioneer yet is absence of trust before objective was his serious issue. At best Ahmed Musa with cut a significant number of those crosses and look up,if their is no liberated person he will hit target. Keep in mind Nigeria versus Argentina and some different objectives like that.

At long last, despite everything I state this..Ighalo isn’t d best of what we deserve…Look to the seat and expedite Osimhen or Onyekuru.. those young men are younger,pacy,sharp, positions well and have executioner instinct..Ighalo is old style he scores tapins wen it tumbles to him yet disillusions when needed..even on our last match he was not a single where in sight at whatever point Chukeueze works d ball…

Musa is playing great football for Nigeria, he simply need to figure out how to take shots at the perfect time. He could have scored two objectives in the early hours of the SA game however he settled on the off-base decisions. He settles on too many wrong decisions.

Ahmed Musa’s concern is his uncertainty before objective. Doing a lot at the off-base time, and doing most noticeably awful at the correct time.

When you anticipate that him should score, he tosses a wayward cross, when you anticipate that him should cross he appears to take shots at bodies. The mentor truly need to converse with him on this. He should begin shooting when he finds the space for that, and intersection stick guide balls toward the free strikers.

Who notice that Ahmed Musa once in a while raises his head up before intersection the ball into the adversaries box. You don’t cross to a striker when you scarcely can’t recognize the definite opening he needs the ball. That is the reason we need football knowledge. A decent group ought to have the option to peruse the direction of the ball and envision by getting into the correct position to score, the way Ekong did when he scored the triumphant objective.

Interesting enough, just youthful and naiveté players do that so I’m astounded that he is doing it as well. I was expecting that from any semblance of Chukwueze however it’s the most senior player in the group that is committing the error!

To be sure, Musa is a finished cooperative person and has constantly gone for the correct choices with his cut backs, the nature of his last passes ought to be what we question.

In any case, for a person that has 85 tops at 26 and has been an ordinary for the Country since 2010, one can’t scrutinize his responsibility, despite the fact that the quality allows him down a bit.


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