Bbnaija 2019: Seyi’s Refusal To Use The VETO Power Is A Strategy Which Backfired


Grandson of Obafemi Awolowo, Seyi was selected, anyway he was the ‘VETO Power Holder’. Seyi declining to swap himself and supplant with another housemate, “declined” his VETO benefit and remain rather for selection for the conceivable Eviction on Sunday.

Elder sibling acknowledges his choice yet bans Seyi from taking part in any future VETO Power task all through the BBNaija ”pepper dem season”.

Most Nigerians have reacted by abusing him. Some said he is dumb, silly, stupid and a coward. To some he should have considered that it was all a game/competition other than allowing his emotions control his sense of reasoning.

Obviously, Seyi is actually playing a game, a mind game at that. However, That’s his STRATEGY which will in turn enlarge his fan base daily. He’s as smart as he is cunning and has a motive for his action.

Without doubt, Nigerians being the audience and voters of Big brother Naija vote out of sympathy. It worked for Efe who used his poor family background as a STRATEGY during the season 2 of Big Brother Naija. Miracle also adopted this STRATEGY, Posing that he need the money to acquire the aviation certificate. These duo won with pity votes from Nigerians. Seyi is the smartest and intelligent housemate. He knew that he may not possibly earn massive fans and votes being the grandson of Obafemi Awolowo which has left so many Nigerians with the notion that he doesn’t need the money as much as other housemates having come from a rich and famous political home.

This STRATEGY will pay off for Seyi because many are already campaigning for him to be voted because of his gesture. His new fans describe himas being selfless, sacrificial and a true definition of love. His instagram page with the least followers as compared to other housemates is flooded with new fans who got captured by his gesture and are campaigning aggressively for him. Big Brother Naija is a game and Seyi played a mind game on Nigerians.

Seyi has mastered and applied the 48 laws of power, only if you know. He just pulled the 12th law of power which is ‘Use Selective Honesty and Generosity to Disarm your Opponent”.

Seyi actually played a chess move. His fan base will grow wings now. Though, I believe if he knew his gesture would prevent him from participating in future VETO power games, he would have nominated someone. It was a good strategy by him which backfired. After all, it’s a game.


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