Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu States Why He Will Never Contest Any Political Post In Nigeria


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, pioneer Nnamdi Kanu has discharged what the arrangement of government would be in the Sovereign State of Biafra when it is at long last completed.

This was contained in an announcement discharged on Monday marked by its Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, with the title, ‘THIS IS FOR THOSE OF US WHO DO NOT KNOW HOW BIAFRA SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT WILL BE LIKE.’

The star Biafra gathering said its constitution would be written in nearby dialects with seven countries making up the nation called Biafra.

The announcement included, “During the intelligent session with our pioneer, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, on twelfth January 2019, OWEI KEME BRADIKUMO posed an inquiry:

“What is the proposed CONSTITUTION of the up and coming UNITED STATES of BIAFRA. Would we be able to get a draft duplicate of it in the open space since will be important before our battle towards the pending universally acknowledged BIAFRA REFERENDUM?

“Reaction from MAZI NNAMDI KANU: Biafra will run a one of a kind political framework intended to cook for the requirements of our kin.

“We will have NATION STATES. We will have an IGBO NATION WITHIN BIAFRA. We will have an EFIK NATION WITHIN BIAFRA. We will have ANNANG NATION WITHIN BIAFRA in the event that they so pick. We will likewise have IJAW NATION WITHIN BIAFRA. We will have ISOKO NATION WITHIN BIAFRA. We will have IDOMA NATION WITHIN BIAFRA. We will have IGALA NATION WITHIN BIAFRA.

“Tune in to this: THEY WILL ALL BE AUTONOMOUS. Every Nation State will control the assets in their own property. The main thing that will tie us together will be a COMMON DEFENSE POLICY, COMMON ECONOMIC POLICY, COMMON POLICY IN HEALTH AND EDUCATION. In the rest, let individuals create as indicated by the pace that they wish or they chose among themselves to pass by.

“LAWS WILL BE DONE IN LOCAL LANGUAGES. Igbo Parliament will make their own laws in the Igbo language. Ijaw Parliament will make their very own laws in Ijaw language. Something very similar applies to Ibibio and others. With the goal that when individuals are deceiving us we will know since you realize lying is great in the English Language. In any case, you can’t mislead the general population when you are really talking in the language that they get it.

“What we will have in Biafra will be A BRAND NEW NATION WITH NEW IDEAS AND NEW WAYS OF DOING THINGS. Our political plans will be outfitted towards tending to our center needs.

“Igbo Land will have a Prime Minister. Something very similar will happen to Ijaw, to Isoko, to Urhobo, to Itshekiri. Everyone will be Autonomous from each other to create at the pace that they like. That is the kind of Biafra we are trying to have. Also, that is the sort of Biafra we will have.”


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