COZA: Pastor Sulaiman Made Mockery Of Busola’s Dilemma


And this kind of disgusting tweet was from a pastor. Someone that so many see as a role model. Someone that so many look up to. This tweet is quite unprofessional and irresponsible, most especially coming from a famous pastor. How could he make joke of someone’s dilemma? Well l won’t blame him, Nigerian culture lacks Empathy.

Since there are control differentials among ministers and their congregation, some of the time ministers are enticed to manhandle the individuals they lead. Most ministers abuse is male ministers exploiting female believers.

Ministers, similar to specialists, guides and different experts, are given duty in their jobs. When you look for the administrations of experts, you believe that they are represented by a code of morals. Expert individuals giving administrations have a guardian obligation: they are working for your best advantages. You confide in experts, you become open to experts.

For instance, you enable specialists to see your exposed body since you confide in them to support you. In the event that your primary care physician makes explicitly suggestive remarks to you while you are lying bare on the looking at table, or if an endeavor is made to kiss you when you are clarifying your issues, you feel sold out, and you can lay an objection with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Likewise, you confide in your minister to support you. You call a minister when you are in an emergency, when you are at your most defenseless, when you are in all respects sincerely delicate. As found in the narrative of Ingrid and Pastor Rick, if the minister exploits you and begins trying to meet his enthusiastic needs rather than yours and contacts you in a sexual manner, a limit has been crossed by the minister.

Peaceful limit intersections can be exceptionally confounding on the grounds that ministers are otherworldly pioneers. You may accept they are picked by God to carry out their responsibility; you pay attention to them when they counsel you about your life. In the event that your profound pioneer discloses to you that God united you, it tends to be difficult to oppose this idea.

In light of their job as profound pioneers, when ministers cross a sexual limit with a believer, they are disregarding a consecrated trust. They are manhandling the power given to them by God and by a network.

Fortunately you can mend from maltreatment by a congregation chief. Opportunity from blame, disgrace and dread is conceivable. The initial step is recounting to your story to somebody you can trust. Fortunately, an ever increasing number of places of worship are understanding the reality of peaceful maltreatment, and are managing grumblings in expert ways.


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