Daniella Okeke Reveals Why Most Women Strive To Have Curvy Shape


In spite of the way that entertainer, Daniella Okeke is touted as one of the curviest Nollywood on-screen characters, she has opined that women, particularly the ones looking for male consideration by egregiously showing their exotic nature, need not have a stunning physical make-up to pull in male consideration.

The screen diva who is unarguably acclaimed for her acting aptitudes and has amassed an enormous number of adherents, because of her well proportioned butts she proudly displays via web-based networking media, exhorted women, particularly those with a body to bite the dust for close to nothing or nothing to appear for it, that no woman should be explicitly alluring to get the consideration of anybody.

“This age is fixated on figure 8. You don’t need to be formed like a coke jug to get consideration. Your mind can discover everything, create it”, she said.

The discussion on whether the gigantic hips and butt of the 32-year old actor is characteristic or was carefully gained remains a bone of conflict in spite of the reality she has asserted it is common.


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