Everton Player, Son’s Reaction To Andre Gomez Injury Is Priceless


There are sufficient pictures out there of Andre Gomes’ awful damage which show exactly how much agony he should be in. It’s clearly a disgrace for everyone included and the long haul guess for the Portuguese global doesn’t look great.

It’s been one of those uncommon minutes where it’s really joined the two groups and obviously everyone just feels terrible. Generally terrible damage is brought about by a crazy challenge that goads one side.

It’s most likely the one time that you can utilize the line of “he’s not so sort of player” and it’s presumably valid. Child left the contribute tears and appears to be really distressed about the result.

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Cenk Tosun has taken a great deal of analysis for his exhibitions since landing at Everton. You may figure he would be satisfied to get a definitive objective, yet his Instagram post after the game shows his contemplations are absolutely with his colleague:

There doesn’t appear to be any official reports on Gomes’ condition for the time being. The BBC detailed that Marco Silva said he was away to clinic seconds ago however they were all the while holding back to hear back about how terrible the damage was.

It’s never decent to estimate about these sort of things, yet you need to feel like his season is finished.


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