Ex-Arsenal Player Sentenced for Fraud

Ex-Arsenal Player Sentenced for Fraud
Ex-Arsenal Player Sentenced for Fraud

Ex-Arsenal Player Sentenced for Fraud. Former Arsenal player, Jaydon Roshai Thorbourne convicted to 26 months in prison for defrauding £3,700 through a woman’s American Express credit card.

Jaydon Roshai, a 22-year-old skillful left back was eager update his frivolous lifestyle after his career was ruined by injury.

According to the Sun,  report has it that, a former defender, Jaydon Roshai met with Thorbourne after his suspended conviction accidentally at the pub.

They spent sometime there enjoying themselves and all loved up before both of them decided to go to the Dorsett City Hotel in the Aldgate area in downtown London to have a discussion .

Ex-Arsenal Player Sentenced for Fraud

In the middle of her sleep one particular night, the ex-Gunners star,  Jaydon  Roshai stole her credit card from her bag and zoomed off to shop at a mall while accumulating a bill of up to £ 3,700 as he tried to continue and put up with his frivolous lifestyle.

As the girl woke up and discovered that Thorbourne has disappeared with her credit card, the poor hastily put a call across to the bank to block the credit card and alert the police. Thorbourne had already went into hiding in a house in Hornsey area, north of London.

It was disappointing that Jaydon was re-convicted not long after finishing the suspended sentence for similar criminal conduct.

Ex-Arsenal Player Sentenced for Fraud

“Jaydon clearly acted in spite of everything, Jaydon’s behavior needs to receive appropriate punishment for systematic recidivism,” the London court representative said.

Thorbourne during his tenure in Arsenal trained with Arsenal first team players like Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott when he was 18 and he was placed under the watch by Arsene Wenger before an injury at Crystal Palace ruined his career and left him frustrated with this criminal attitude of trying to measure up with his previous frivolous  lifestyle.


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