Few Days After He Was Awarded A Scandal Free Celebrity, Olamide Disappoints………


Few days ago, Olamide’s wife put to bed and so many fans took to the social media to praise him for being the only celebrity who is free of scandals and baby mama but unfortunately the rapper disappoints.

Reports making the rounds via web-based networking media uncovers that Nigerian TV and radio character Maria Okanrende who co-has The Morning Rush on The Beat 99.9 FM is purportedly pregnant for Nigerian indigenous rapper Olamide, who just respected a second kid with his fiancee Adebukumi Aisha Suleiman 2 days back in the UK.

Maria who is as of now 8 months gone, recently facilitated at Dropout UK, Hayes FM and filled in as a creation aide at Global Radio.

Rapper Olamide is set to respect another child with OAP #MariaOkan, only days subsequent to respecting a child with his life partner, Bukunmi.

As per our valid insider, after Maria found that she was one month pregnant for Olamide, she moved toward him and mentioned for cash to end the pregnancy and come back to the U.K.

Our source uncovered that the rapper obliged and gave her the total of N2m. The radio moderator from there on left Beat FM and left for London.

In any case, on arriving, she chose to keep the pregnancy, in this way causing genuine pressure between the recent couple, because of the unexpected rupture of understanding.

Seeing that the circumstance won’t change and it was getting muddled, Olamide opened up to his then pregnant life partner, Bukunmi, and he was pardoned. Maria is relied upon to put to bed any minute from now


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