Gov. Oyetola Mocks Davido’s Uncle, Senator Ademola.


Gov. Oyetola of Osun state has uncovered that he felt derided that Davido’s uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, was his opponent in the last governorship race in the state.

As indicated by him, the absence of control in Nigeria’s constituent framework allowed his PDP adversary the chance to keep running against him.

“The nation’s appointive framework is feeble, particularly in regards to the screening of applicants which gave space for someone like Ademola Adeleke to challenge for governorship seat of the state.

In some cases when I plunk down and understand that I was really challenging with Adeleke, who is best at moving, I felt disparaged, very mocked. It would have been a disaster for our state if the entire thing had turned the other path round.

Anyone that is truly worried about the improvement of the state would at any rate be keen on whoever is going to direct the issues of the state.

One marvels why the nation’s appointive laws would have enabled that person to try and challenge in the principal case. We don’t have control. .

Indeed, even in the north where we accept they’re distraught as far as instruction, they put in the best consistently. See whoever goes for any political office in the North is consistently the best of their stuck,” he said.


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