How A Ghanaian Big Boy Caused His US Victim To Commit Suicide


A Ghanaian man was busted Wednesday in New Jersey, for running a worldwide love trick that turned destructive.

Rubbin Sarpong’s profile on Plenty of Fish, and other dating sites portray him as a U.S. trooper serving in Syria, however government investigators said he was quite Millville, carrying on with the high life off clueless ladies.

He is accused of scheme to submit wire extortion. The 35-year-old and his assistants, who live in Ghana, tricked in excess of 30 individuals and made over $2.1 million of every a bold dating trick that continued for a long time and drove at any rate one lady to end it all.

Sarpong every now and again posted selfies on Instagram with huge heaps of money, costly creator garments, gems and extravagance vehicles — all of which he purportedly purchased with cash that ladies sent him.

One of his exploited people ended it all in June 2018, only two days subsequent to moving about $94,000 to Sarpong and his group.

The day preceding she passed on, the lady — whose character was not discharged — supposedly went to Baltimore/Washington International Airport to meet what she thought was a negotiator with a $12 million box of gold.

Experts said the intricate plan started in January 2016 and finished with Sarpong’s capture. Whenever sentenced, he could face as long as 20 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.


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