How not to Panic Amidst Coronavirus


3. Trust God with the results.

How not to Panic Amidst Coronavirus

While we control a couple of things, there are numerous things outside our ability to control. In those circumstances, we should confide in God. The Christian story lets us know of a God who is sovereignty in charge of all things. He can work everything for our great and His brilliance. Nothing overwhelms him. While He isn’t the creator of abhorrence, He can utilize even underhandedness to achieve His motivation.

Trust doesn’t mean we icily like whatever transpires. It implies we acknowledge the things we don’t control and accept God has permitted them with the goal that we can all the more likely comprehend His affection and be utilized for His work. At the point when we neglect to confide in God, we invest a decent measure of energy either living trying to claim ignorance of what is occurring or agonizing over the things we can’t control. An absence of trust makes us stall out, yet the nearness of trust permits us to acknowledge what is befalling us and push ahead through it.

We don’t have the foggiest idea what’s on the horizon. In any case, since tomorrow is questionable doesn’t mean we are powerless today. In the event that we center around settling on savvy decisions, tuning in to the specialists, and confiding in God with the results, we can explore troublesome days.


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