INEC’s Server Claim Is Laughable



The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Thursday denied having a server where the results of the February 23 presidential election were uploaded.

INEC stated this position at the ongoing Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal in Abuja .

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate, Atiku Abubakar, are challenging the declaration of President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the winner of the election. The petitioners claimed that the results they obtained from the INEC server indicated that Mr Abubakar won the poll with an over six million votes margin.

Through their lawyers led by Levy Uzoukwu, the PDP and Mr Abubakar asked the tribunal to compel INEC to grant them access to the server and smart card readers used in the conduct of the election.

But counsel representing INEC, Yunus Usman, in a counter affidavit asked the court to dismiss the application.

“They are asking us to bring something we do not have,” Mr Usman said. He further drew the attention of the tribunal to its judgment on March 6 granting PDP access to inspect only election materials without the server.

The counsel to President Muhammadu Buhari, Wole Olanipekun, and the All Progressives Congress (APC), Lateef Fagnemi, on their part both asked the court to dismiss the application for failing to disclose the existence of the server.

In a sane democratic government, the electoral body is independent. But look at INEC indulging in partisan politics.
For INEC to say it has no server is the height of mischief. After the huge budget OF 220 million naira alloted to them and after initially claiming PDP hacked their servers. It is quite ridiculous and shameful.

A card reader can’t work in the absence of a server. This is ICT 101, very Simple. INEC need the card reader for verification and validation of voter’s details. Where are those voter’s information stored?  Apparently, in a server. The card reader must communicate with a server to work. This is simple logic. Any educated person understands a simple fact that card readers work with servers. If there is no server, then there cannot be any card readers at all because when you go to do accreditation, it is merely INEC card reader connecting to INEC server to check if that voter is in the database of INEC.

From all indications, INEC is a department in APC and I am sure when PDP wins the next election, INEC will also become a department in PDP. The cabal is so determined that they are prepared to destroy democratic institutions to  implement a covet conquest vision. Those who think this is about INEC and APC should think deeper. INEC and APC, as well as CBN and NNPC are just vehicles needed by the cabal to implement their game plan. We all know that Buhari stood no chance in the last election. I cannot be deceived. I am fully prepared, I just hope the masses are.

Under normal circumstances INEC should be co-operating with the courts, and not defending the outcomes of the process. The only reason INEC feel a duty to defend the 2019 election result is because they were the actual riggers of the election.

Isn’t it just laughable but also ridiculous that same INEC that provided a gadget (card reader) which provided all personal data of any registered voter by reading the voters finger print is claiming that it has no server. I became a registered voter in 2011 and I didn’t re-register yet the card reader provided my details in 2019 after recognising my fingerprint. From where did my details emanate from if there was no server? Lame dumb silly old hags trying to twart justice.

Nigerians will never learn. These politicians will never cease playing gambling with your future all for their selfish gain. In 2023, you will still trek to the poll, under intense sun and insecurities to cast a vote that will never count. Why not start demanding for free and fair elections without any irregularities before carrying out any electoral exercise so if you are beaten, you know you are beaten genuinely and if you win you know you won fair and square.

Atleast it is very clear that Nigeria is finished. This is a very dangerous precedence. When PDP was raping Nigeria, we all cried for a messiah. Now, the messiah has come to destroy what remained of the country. For those of us rejoicing over evil because we are beneficiary, table will turn one day. I hope we will clap for the future destroyers.


My unbiased submission

Let us assume we have a functional judicial system. The court relies on the Law-that law is the electoral law which forbids electronic transmission of results for now. E-collation doesn’t have constitutional backing. results are sent manually!!! Only manual collation is accepted and approved. Atiku’s petition is dead on arrival. The lawyers are just “testing the waters” and eating Atiku’s money! Can you build a house on nothing? No foundation? The electoral law is clear and free from ambiguity. That petition cannot win. The framers missed the crux of the matter! I feel they should have insisted on forensic examination of the collated manual results sheets for scrutiny. All these unique MAC ID doesn’t hold water. The court will never buy it. Ordinary video evidence is difficult to admit in court, not to talk about “electronic servers. The INEC chairman, Yakubu has nothing to say other than what the INEC commissioners/witnesses has said. Let PDP go and prepare for 2023, otherwise they will continue to wail.



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