Iran Declined US Coronavirus-offer

Iran Declined US Coronavirus-offer
Iran Declined US Coronavirus-offer

Iran Declined US Coronavirus-offer. On Wednesday, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani refute a US offer to render assistance to the Islamic republic to combat its coronavirus outbreak, pointing that “vicious” American sanctions are denying the country of medicine.

Iran has tried to prevent the viral spread of the virus that has killed 92 lives out of 2,922 confirmed infected within the past fortnight.

They took this desperate measure by shutting schools and universities, put a hold on major cultural and sporting events, and crop on work hours.

“Those who have denied the people of even medicine and food through sanctions, who have done the foremost vicious things… they seem with a mask of sympathy and say that we want to assist the state of Iran,” Rouhani reported, during a open speech to the US.

US President Donald Trump had said on Saturday that he is able to assist Iran with the virus outbreak if the Islamic republic asked for assistance.

“Our people know well that you simply simply simply are lying,” Rouhani said in response, speaking at the weekly meeting of his cabinet in remarks aired on state television.

Washington declined the landmark nuclear deal and enacted disastrous sanctions on Tehran in 2018.

Products to humanity such as medicine and medical equipment were technically exempted.

Iran Declined US Coronavirus-offer

But international procurement of such products are forestalled by banks wary of doing any business with Iran for fear of falling foul of the US sanctions.

Rouhani said the US must first lift sanctions blocking medicine procurement to prove its honest intent to help.

“This should be US first step… to free banking relations for procuring medicine, transferring medicine and shipping medicine and food,” he said.


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