Man Jailed For Money Laundering Defrauds His Fellow Inmate Of $37.8k In Prison


A Nigerian imprisoned in Singapore for tax evasion, has been charged to court for another extortion.

Paul Gabriel Amos, 48, supposedly cheated one Milled El Khouri of $37,800 to make bail. Court archives demonstrated this occurrence occurred among January and May 2018.

Amos was in remand at the time, with his unique case pending end. While in jail, he purportedly fooled Milled into conveying the money to somebody named Chung Ting Fai

In May 2019, Amos was condemned to three years in prison for washing US$1.84 million that his companion had stolen from the Ethiopian government. i

In 2009, he was indicted in a New York locale court for submitting bank and wire misrepresentation. Whenever indicted for misrepresentation now in Singapore, he could face as long as 10 years. He is set to profit to court for Aug. 28, 2019.


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