Mourinho Threatens to Defy-Protocols for Ancelotti

Mourinho Threatens to Defy-Protocols for Ancelotti
Mourinho Threatens to Defy-Protocols for Ancelotti

Mourinho Threatens to Defy-Protocols for Ancelotti

Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho said he’s prepared to interrupt social-distancing rules with great care he can hug Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti.

Mourinho, the manager of Tottenham will welcome will be playing with Ancelotti’s team, Everton at London on Monday’s Premier League clash.

Spurs manager, Mourinho showered praises on his rival Ancelotti before the coronavirus lockdown – positioning at ninth against 11th on the premier league table – with Mourinho willing to defy coronavirus policy because of the love he has for the Everton coach.

“I feel that everyone in football hols Carlo [Ancelotti] in high esteem as an instructor and as an educator ,” Mourinho told reporters.

Mourinho Threatens to Defy-Protocols for Ancelotti

“If you he is not known as a private person, then he is known as an educator. I like him for who he is and that is very clear. He is one of the top football managers in the world for the past 20 years and even presently.

“I feel it’s a privilege for the Premier League to welcome Carlo back. It’s a privilege for Everton to award him contract as their manager or head coach, whatever you would like to call him.

“As a manager, I’ve had the opportunity of knowing him for a few years. We have actually being together a few of times, at UEFA meetings and other different occasions and I just admire Carlo.

“I think he’s an amazing guy, so i feel i’m going to defy the protocol of one-metre distancing and give him a passionate hug because I love Carlo unconditionally.”

Mourinho Threatens to Defy-Protocols for Ancelotti

Tottenham have only won one among their past nine games across all competitions following Thursday’s 3-1 defeat to Sheffield United.

Champions League runners-up, Spurs under ex manager Mauricio Pochettino last season – are 12 points away from the top four with six matches remaining.

“I believe, but it is also possible that such does not occur. And if that doesn’t happen it’s not the top of the planet . If that doesn’t happen, it’s probably the start of a replacement world because things change,” Mourinho added.

“Change for you, change for other clubs. The squads they change. The motivations they change, the group dynamic changes. The group that possibly was strong 10 years is ago isn’t strong anymore. A player that was within the maximum of his motivation isn’t anymore and vice-versa.

Mourinho Threatens to Defy-Protocols for Ancelotti

“It is possible that we will not get into a top-six position. And if that happens in fact we’ve to seem at it not smiling, but we’ve to seem at it with optimism and appearance at it with a professional profile of next season has got to vary .

“Because if you analyse Tottenham’s performance last year, what percentage of matches did Tottenham win away from home? When I arrived i feel it had been almost a year without an away victory. If it happens [finishing outside of the highest six], it happens but we do not want it to happen and that we are getting to fight for it to not happen.”


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