New-Zealand Jailed a Coronavirus-Positive Lady

New-Zealand Jailed a Coronavirus-Positive Lady
New-Zealand Jailed a Coronavirus-Positive Lady

New-Zealand Jailed a Coronavirus-Positive Lady

A lady who tested positive for coronavirus, a disease caused by the new strain of coronavirus, was jailed in New Zealand for ten days after she is accused to have unlawfully rejected to be tested upon arrival from the U.S.

The woman in her 20s agreed to be accepted for the coronavirus when she arrived in court last week, Radio New Zealand reported, and was offered bailed out after her test was investigated. However, she has been granted freedom from custody before the test’s result was known.

The woman had no contact with other prisoners at Auckland Women’s Prison when she was placed on quarantine, according to, which stirred comments by corrections regional commissioner Lynette Cave.

New-Zealand Jailed a Coronavirus-Positive Lady

She was also granted access to her phone after being sanitized and a corner for her exercise.

An audio-visual link booth that serve the woman for her court appearances was also sanitized after each time she make use of it. Inmates who also made use of the booth will also be quarantined and tested for COVID-19 pending when the results come in.

Staff in the prison were mandated to wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) including eye protection, gloves, and masks when attending to someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19.

Cave told that six staff had contact with the infected lady, though they were wearing PPE would also be tested and were asked to self-isolate at home.

New-Zealand Jailed a Coronavirus-Positive Lady

Not less than 1,500 people were recorded to be infected with COVID-19 in New Zealand after the government imposed a strict containment strategy, closing down its borders on March 15 and entering a country-wide lockdown on March 25.

However, 21 people are recorded to have died as a result of contracting COVID-19 in the country.

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister announced on Monday that the country would transition from Level 3 to Level 2 restrictions.

Ardern has also called for gatherings to be kept small during Level 2. She said pubs and eateries, when they open, will not be able to have more than 10 people.

New-Zealand Jailed a Coronavirus-Positive Lady

“Ceremonies, public gatherings or anything social activity that will involve mixing up and mingling with large crowd won’t be allowed to take place for groups involving more thanĀ  10 people,” she said.

Social gatherings are not to be more thanĀ at 10. ChurchĀ and non secularĀ events, weddings, funerals, stag dosā€“all must be limited to 10 for now.

“And even if you want to go to an eatery, or a pub, the gathering must not be more than 10. This has to do with social distancing also as our insurance policy.”

Ardern thanked her “team of five million” for the sacrifices they had made to protect the country’s most vulnerable from coronavirus.

New-Zealand Jailed a Coronavirus-Positive Lady

“From all area of life, Kiwis were persistent and determined that this was a battle we might as well emerge victorious, but the period of time we acted together. The battle is victorious, though it isn’tĀ over,” she said.


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