Paternity Fraud On The Rise…DNA Should Be Made Mandatory At Birth


My friend of many years got married in 2011 and he was doing very well in his profession, he had his first kid in 2012 and the second in 2014, eight months after birth, the child fell critically ill. First, he would be treated for malaria and some other early stages related infection that proceeded until in one of their visit to the medical clinic when his child was subjected to a full blood tally test and the outcome demonstrated that the child is HBSS (Sickle cell), why? Before they got married, my friend and his wife did their genotype test in three unique emergency clinics, while that of my person is AA, his spouse is AS and they inevitably made due with marriage.

The kid’s genotype result got my friend crushed and he recommended the two of them did another round of test to realize what could not be right, after two tests, their outcomes were as yet the equivalent, so why sickle cell children? The spouse was stressed and anxious, she couldn’t live with the heat and decided to confess. She confessed that their priest is the biological father of their kids. Meanwhile I have already told my friend that it was profoundly workable for a couple to have children with such genotype anomaly in the event that the wife is having an affair with mother man.

Another of our friends on hearing this decided to go for a DNA test without the wife’s consent and after the result, he now told his wife of this intentions to go for DNA. She questioned him with reference to their pastors teaching. At long last, she concurred when the husband tricked her that her kid could have been erroneously or criminally swapped during childbirth, and persuaded her. She obliged to the content despite the fact that she knew what she did. It was after a few tests that she admitted that she has been having an affair with her ex even after like 4 years of marriage.

The rate at which paternity fraud increases is alarming. The saying that it is only a woman that knows the true paternity of her children is entirely true. Misattributed paternity can be decimating for men who have invested years accepting they are naturally attached to a child, just to later discover that they really share no DNA. Notwithstanding the passionate agony brought about by paternity extortion—which influences the organic dad, the non-natural dad, and the child at its focal point—casualties of misattributed paternity may have been paying kid support for quite a long time. When the fact of the matter is uncovered, it is once in a while a straightforward issue to be repaid for those payments.

Paternity misrepresentation regularly goes undetected for a considerable length of time. In some cases it becomes known after medicinal records uncover that the child can’t in any way, shape or form be identified with the man ascribed as the natural dad. In situations where paternity misrepresentation has brought about child support payment, the court is left to choose whether those payments should proceed. While it appears superficially that the conspicuous answer is “no,” the court’s attention is dependably on the best advantages of the kid. All things considered, the court may:

Stop further child support payment, or request a continuation of child support payment.

“The implications of paternity extortion are major, upsetting connections, homes, and relational unions. Casualties of this wrongdoing – father or kid, stands the danger of wretchedness, and emotional wellness issues. A child unfortunate casualty is bound to have confidence issues and uneasiness. At the point when ladies settle on the decision to lie about the paternity of their kids, they should remember the hopelessness and despair these kids may later understanding.” DNA should be made mandatory at birth to curb this anomaly.


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