R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Drea Speaks Out Amidst Controversy

RKelly Faces New-Charges in Chicago
RKelly Faces New-Charges in Chicago

Just “Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers plunked down with R. Kelly’s ex Drea as she brought issues to light on aggressive behavior at home.

Drea and Kelly were hitched for a long time, yet separated in 2009. She shared, “The day I got away from him, it was an acknowledgment that these entryways on our property was not to keep individuals out… in any case, to keep me in.”

Not long ago, Drea approached with claims of physical, sexual, and psychological mistreatment in the Emmy-designated narrative “Enduring R. Kelly,” however she wasn’t prepared for the pundits who addressed why she stood by so long to stand up. She conceded, “It was extremely hard… the unfortunate casualty disgracing, the injured individual accusing, the kickback I was not set up for.”

She went on, “I thought, ‘Here I am approaching, this is about ladies… ladies’ strengthening, we’re in this together, and I simply need to offer legitimacy to these ladies’ accounts and ideally on the off chance that they don’t trust them at any rate they’ll state the ex… she’s talking… ‘ It was the direct inverse.”

Drea likewise shared her response to individuals guaranteeing she was lying for cash. She protected herself, underscoring, “There’s no sticker price on any lady’s spirit… You can’t put a cost on an actual existence… At the day’s end, ladies are battling for their lives… That’s the reason I regularly state you may cherish R. Kelly, yet you probably won’t care for Robert.”

Kelly is right now in prison in Chicago. In July, he was prosecuted on 13 new government charges, including one check of intrigue to get kid s** entertainment, two tallies of getting youngster s** entertainment, four checks of delivering kid erotic entertainment, five checks of allurement of a minor to take part in criminal se***l action, and one tally of trick to block equity.

In a different government prosecution with the Eastern District of New York, Kelly was accused of racketeering for purportedly working a criminal venture that advanced his music and enrolled ladies and young ladies to occupied with criminal se***l movement.

Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg said in an announcement, “The charges emerged from supposed direct in the Northern District of Illinois just as the Eastern District of New York. The lead asserted gives off an impression of being to a great extent equivalent to the direct recently claimed against Mr. Kelly in his present State prosecution and his previous State charges that he was absolved of. Most, if not the entirety of the direct claimed, is decades old.”

“Mr. Kelly knew about the examinations and the charges were not an astonishment. He had just gathered a group of remarkable government litigators. He and his legal counselors anticipate his day in court, to reality turning out and to his vindication from what has been a remarkable attack by others for their very own increase. In particular he anticipates having the option to keep on making brilliant music and perform for his armies of fans that put stock in him,” Greenberg underlined. “A bail hearing will be held right on time one week from now, at which time Mr. Kelly wants to be discharged from authority.”

Kelly is additionally behind on youngster backing to Drea, so a judge simply requested installments to be deducted from payouts from his music sovereignties. She remarked, “I will keep on going to court… I will keep on battling for my kids… As a mother… I am a lioness and I am battling for my offspring… and I will proceed to.”

Drea called attention to that it is ambivalent to stand in opposition to what befell her while Kelly is in prison. She clarified, “Individuals don’t get that in spite of the fact that he was my abuser, he’s additionally the dad of my youngsters… But I will say this, I will take my abuser and the dad of my kids being in prison on the off chance that it implies another lady doesn’t need to be exposed to what I experienced.”

What’s her message for Kelly? She replied, “Bless your heart. Much thanks to you for attempting to put this fire out with gas… since now I consume longer, I consume more grounded, I consume more splendid… I’m so versatile… Now I utilize that as my fuel… That torment that he put me through, you will never quietness me, and I thank you for giving me how solid I am… And I thank you for giving me that you were my Goliath and I am your David.”

Kelly has passionately denied Drea’s claims. In January, his lawful group told “Great Morning Britain” that the claims were “completely researched and resolved to be unwarranted” and were “dismissed by the judge during their separation and are without merit.”

In his meeting with Gayle King in March, Kelly stated, “How might I pay youngster support? How? In the event that my ex is annihilating my name and I can’t work? How might I work? How might I get paid? How might I deal with my children? How?”


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