Reseachers Develop a Mask that Kills-Coronavirus

Reseachers Develop a Mask that Kills-Coronavirus
Reseachers Develop a Mask that Kills-Coronavirus

Reseachers Develop a Mask that Kills-Coronavirus

University of Kentucky Researchers are working on producing a mask that would kill the virus once in contact.

Dibakar Bhattacharyya, a chemical engineering professor who is that the director of the university’s Center of Membrane Sciences, recently said that he had come up with a thought for mask that would “attract and kill” SARS-CoV-2.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has now issued a $150,000 grant to Bhattacharyya to develop the masks. Bhattacharyya, who will function the PI on the research team, said it might take around six months to make the finished and tested membrane mask.

Reseachers Develop a Mask that Kills-Coronavirus

The project would then be enhanced through a massive membrane producer, the university reported.

Bhattacharyya account that the masks will be made with enzymes which will be attached to the protein spikes on the coronavirus and isolate them, thereby deactivating the virus.

“The novel coronavirus is roofed in club-shaped ‘s-protein’ spikes, which provides it its crownlike, or coronal, appearance,” he said. “The protein spikes also are what allows the virus to enter host cells once within the body. This new membrane will include proteolytic enzymes which will attach to the protein spikes of the coronavirus and separate them, deactivating the virus.”

Reseachers Develop a Mask that Kills-Coronavirus

He also said that by capturing coronavirus on their surface, the masks would scale back the amount of virus particles within the air that would infect others within the vicinity.

“We have the ability to prepare a membrane that deactivate the virus completely and not only filter the novel coronavirus just like the N95 mask does,” Bhattacharyya said.

“This project would further decline and even stop the further spread of the virus. It would even have future applications to guard against variety of human pathogenic viruses.”

Reseachers Develop a Mask that Kills-Coronavirus

Bhattacharyya told Lex18 the masks would be very thin and other people would be ready to breathe “very easily” while wearing them. They mask would have the tendency to change colors when coronavirus is detected, he said.

Bhattacharyya is collaborating with engineering professors J. Todd Hastings and Thomas Dziubla, also as Yinan Wei from the university’s Department of Chemistry, on the project.

He said the team’s collaboration across disciplines may be a testament to the innovative and spirit of the university, also as its service-centered mission.

Reseachers Develop a Mask that Kills-Coronavirus

“At the University of Kentucky, great resources are guaranteed and lots of opportunities to exploit in cutting-edge research across disciplines,” Bhattacharyya said.


Dibakar Bhattacharyya
“Our researchers work as a team and lend their knowledge and skills to unveil challenges for the greater good of humanity, not only during a pandemic, but a day .”


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