Socia Media Is On Fire As Ubi Franklin’s Plan To Outshine Tuface Leaked


The Nigerian social media has been humming with blended responses following affirmed reports that music manager and sequential business visionary, Ubi Franklin, is intending to have a fifth youngster from one more lady. While a few people are of the feeling that he has a privilege to fathering the same number of kids as he wants seeing that he is monetarily light, others anyway are not taking the news well, expressing that his conduct is somewhat despicable.

What’s the rationale about having 5 kids from 5 different ladies. Organic and money related capacities are insufficient for parenthood. Is it accurate to say that he shouldn’t be a better man from his four different encounters? The main tyke was with only one parent present. The second kid was because of a failed marriage. The third kid was out of an office sentiment. At that point the fourth out of social media sentiment, presently this.

This is only a display of recklessness from a superstar that such a large number of youths are looking up to. Where is his ethics, respectability and qualities? A similar person parades Christianity a great deal. How about we quit rehearsing Christianity just when it is helpful. Parenthood isn’t just about the monetary ability. The physical presence of both parents. In the lives of children is priceless.


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