The Anomaly In Nigeria Politics Against The Southereners


“For whatever length of time that the Old Eastern area stay in confusion and not joined together, self-assurance of the district will stay incomprehensible.” ~ A mysterious resigned Nigerian Army Chief

“South-South,” despite the fact that it might sound crazy, is a name we have come to acknowledge as a people. We can’t state precisely how we happened to be related to the name neither would we be able to state precisely when we were given the name, yet we simply realize it is our name. While growing up back in the days, topography showed us “the North,” “the South,” “The East” and “The West.” For appropriate meaning of areas, we were likewise told about “The Northwest, NorthEast, Southwest and SouthEast” I can’t recall that anything like the “NorthNorth”, “SouthSouth”, “EastEast” or Westwest , however here I am today, composing a letter to my South-South brethren. That is what befalls a people that are not responsible for their Cultural Development or the Political and Economic Future.

That is what befalls a people that are only there for their numbers, that is the thing that happens to individuals that are simply kept for their administrations, that is the thing that happens to individuals that are only overseers of riches for a probably predominant individuals, lastly, that is the thing that happens to people groups that are slaves. Any name is reasonable for them, they can possibly get whatever is given to them regardless of whether it is initially theirs. If all else fails, if it’s not too much trouble help me to remember the significance of KUNTA KINTE.

I compose this letter not on the grounds that it is disappointing to perceive how we enabled a duped publicity to position our kin as the pawns in the Political Chess called Nigeria, yet rather, I compose this letter with an end goal to demand that we free ourselves from these promulgation that has waited for a really long time. In the event that our granddads and fathers did not pose inquiries, is there any celestial law that says we can’t inquire? We know we as a whole had a place with the old Eastern Region of Nigeria before the Northern Protectorate reclaimed their capacity after the frightful homicide of General Aguiyi Ironsi.

Only for the records, let me do us a touch of history here; Major General Ironsi as Head of State was cornered and captured some place in western Nigeria on July 29th of 1966, his hands and feet were bound together, at that point attached to a Land Rover with a little space in the middle of, and driven on a tarred street, face down for a few kilometers. The then most noteworthy positioning Northern official, an acting (Unconfirmed) Lieutenant Colonel was picked to be the following Head of State in front of serving Brigadiers, Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels of the Southern Nigeria, trailed by the unpleasant killings of officials and warriors of Eastern Nigeria including our supposed South troopers and officials.

The genocide that pursued is what is recorded as the Nigerian Civil War of 1967 – 1970. As though that was insufficient, the Eastern area was broken separated with the unexpected formation of the then South Eastern State (the present Cross Rivers and Akwa Ibom), Rivers State (Today’s Rivers State and Bayelsa). It was during that war that publicity stunts were structured, made and created to isolate us from the old Eastern Region and make the normal Igbo man our potential foe with an end goal to diminish their very own assumed adversaries. In as much as it is an unpleasant history, however I think that its important to do you this introduction.

I compose this letter to advise us that our locale, known as the South-South today was a making of the North for making the disunity we face today. What’s more, moreso, it was not only for the disunity for them to win the war, however to likewise remove our assets, our labor and our financial future. In 2014 when President Jonathan, a child of the purported South-South chose to re-challenge the 2015 races, Sheik Junaid Mohammed in a commitment for benefit the Northern Protectorate, advised us that the supposed South-South was a making of the North for viable administration of the Northern enthusiasm for Eastern Nigeria. How terrible could this be? Would we be able to envision that? So while we are caught up with advising ourselves that we are an alternate people or that the Igbos are mischievous and are attempting to murder us, the North is blissfully dominating and owning 85% of our oil wells while the West assumes control over the left overs.

What’s more, what do we get? Clamor! Indeed, even the apparently football legend, Sunday Okechukwu Oliseh is caught up with revealing to us he isn’t Igbo as though it is a revile to be Igbo. One marvels if the name Okechukwu is of Hausa or Yoruba source. When you communicate in Igbo as a language but guarantee you are not Igbo, is that not the saddest thing that can happen to any individuals of indistinguishable culture? Indeed, even Major Kaduna Nzeogwu that drove the primary overthrow that was said to be an Igbo upset is from Okpanam town in the present Delta State. Would he be able to have turned out to state today like Sunday Oliseh said that he was not Igbo? In the event that the Abakaliki or Nsukka indigene that has an increasingly removed tongue of Igbo will be Igbo, why the Anioma or Okrika indigene that is effectively comprehended isn’t Igbo? How did a people of a similar culture get so isolated these far?

I compose this letter to address those of us viewed as “minority clans.” How would we be able to be minority when in substances we are known to be around 35 million of the said 180 million of the said Nigerian populace? How might we be a minority in our own territories on the off chance that we were not treated all things considered, or in the event that we didn’t acknowledge to be such? On the off chance that those from the coalition that isolated us from the West are said to be around 50 million in populace, and our brethren in the East are said to be around 40 million, how might we acknowledge we are a minority? Our countrymen from the supposed minorities of the North are said to be another 30 million, then’s identity the minority? Having gone through these figures, we know who the genuine minorities are.

Be it as it shows up, in all actuality our district was broken into two in order to debilitate our unique quality given that at a consolidated populace quality of 35 million and 40 million individuals, our financial and pioneering quality set up together would be something the partnership will be stressed over. So for what reason should we ever feel that it is sensible to guarantee we are two unique individuals when generally, we have consistently been one and similar individuals for more than 400 years before the landing of the white man. On the off chance that what the white man did to us was not awful enough, is it not ludicrous that we enabled a specific minority settlers to expect control of our monetary and political future?

I compose this letter to ask my brethren in the South-South these relevant inquiry; Let us expect the most exceedingly awful circumstance in this fracas among us and our Igbo siblings, for what reason would we say we are stressed over the Igbos assuming control over our “common assets” (accepting they don’t have theirs), ARE WE PRESENTLY IN CONTROL OF OUR “Regular RESOURCES”? Does it bode well that our regular assets is being constrained by some unusual individuals from more than 700 miles away? Individuals that murder us voluntarily at a solitary incitement of their religion? Individuals that even execute us in our property? Individuals that challenge us to the responsibility for our assets? Individuals that show outright negligence of our identity? Individuals that think it is a benefit for us to be in any situation of power? Lastly, individuals that don’t in any capacity have the sort of pioneering aptitudes that we have?

For what reason would we permit our nonexistent squabble or battles with our siblings mean the choice of one of the ladies in King Solomon’s Judgment that demanded that since she couldn’t have the tyke, the other lady ought not. So would we say we are fundamentally saying it is better for none of us brethren to possess our assets basically in light of the fact that we don’t confide in our siblings, yet we don’t take care of the more unusual that has tore us separated? It is safe to say that we are consistently right in these silly squabble?

Indeed, even while we are pointlessly stressed over how the Igbos will colonize our kin since that is what we were told, and that is what a portion of these partnership are as yet attempting to let us know; can we genuinely reveal to ourselves that the Igbos are that malevolent? Malicious enough to leave their Natural assets in Abia, Imo, Anambra and Enugu states to come and take responsibility for assets? In what capacity will they do that? How conceivable will it be for a people that scarcely execute by the sword contrasted with our present oppressors? Do we sincerely consider that to be a probability? How and for what reason did we enable these promulgation to go these far? Is these not what the partnership has used to administer us through the separation and guideline plot? Sheik Jumiad Mohammed said it unmistakably that our partition was a formation of the North for the successful administration of our assets while we continue battling a fanciful foe.

I compose this letter to advise us that we and our Igbo siblings, sisters, moms and fathers have social characters, we maintain the holiness of life, we don’t murder a man like a chicken, we love a similar God, and we have indistinguishable looks and thinking capacities. Instruction is a regarded excellence to the two of us, entrepreneurism is a typical love between us. We both regard established specialists. Despite the fact that we both have the social chances that can’t, and ought not be utilized to censure a whole people. So why the Igbo man all of a sudden wound up insidiousness in the blink of an eye before the war if the rebuke was not a purposeful publicity device of the war?

How could we acknowledge that our Igbo siblings were shrewd while we were holy people? How are we holy people? Is there any abhorrent that is the imposing business model of the Igbos that we are absolutely perfect of? That we don’t have a solitary man/lady that does same whenever situated in a similar circumstance? How could we permit a removed people decide how we leave our lives? On the off chance that we think we are extraordinary and all things considered we are dealt with superior to anything the Igbos; have we seen that the destiny of the Onitsha Port is a similar destiny that came to pass for the Ports in Calabar and Port Harcourt? We from the East are altogether compelled to go to Lagos to make good on regulatory obligations to those ports. How have we been dealt with distinctively by these unions on the off chance that we were not quite the same as the Igbos?

it is safe to say that we are not confronting a similar destiny as our Eastern brethren? How would you figure we will charge on the off chance that we were the main ones to get these treatment given a situation where the Igbos are no more in this contraption called Nigeria?

I compose this letter to our brethren to advise us that without a bound together remain of the whole area, the self-assurance procedure will be a sham. We need each other in all troubles. We are the Eastern Region; we are the district of the Lower Niger; we are an ordinary citizens; we are not unique in relation to one another. Beginning from the Hills of Ogoja to the rough soils of Ebonyi, down to the calm locale of Anambra down to the enclaves of Ishekiri and Isoko, we as a whole clone.

The Akwa Ibom man and the Abia State man are similar individuals essentially separated by limits. The Calabar man and the Arochukwu man have indistinguishable tribal masquerades. The Ikwerre man is only an Igbo man that was isolated by the North to go about as an alternate people. A British lady, stayed outdoors some place in Kaduna chose to include the “R” consonant to the “U” vowel to thoroughly break the characters of the Igbos in the present Rivers State. The Ijaws, Kalabaris, Oron, Efik are basically similar individuals situated in various areas potentially during the settlement hundreds of years prior. We are altogether interrelated in the locale and all things considered must not be separated.

We have been utilized for a considerable length of time, dismissed at each chance, our rights are seen as benefits if not supports. We don’t have authority over our future as taught by the late Ahmadu Bello when he educated his kin not to permit us have control of our future, and ought to be viewed as a vanquished domain. Is it true that we are a vanquished people by some abnormal individuals that accept they are destined to govern, overcome and execute? These are a people who don’t hold as holy what we adore as one. How might we proceed in this Union that was intended to subjugate us? How might we permit the falsehoods advised by these outsiders to pitch us against ourselves?


I keep in touch with you to advise you that you can just battle a falsehood that was imbedded into the hearts of my brethren by placing yourself in his shoes to realize how best to react. We can’t battle abhorrent with underhandedness. Like we know, they state two wrongs don’t make a right. It is your duty to unpretentiously pose those blaming you some consistent inquiries that may prick their hearts to substances. We are all in this wreckage assembled Nigeria.

Our Son, Goodluck Jonathan, was dealt with a similar way General Ironsi was dealt with, they were both rejected. They were both detested. Them two needed an assembled Nigeria that existed past clans and religion, however what did we see? President Goodluck Jonathan was fortunate to escape with his life, yet the General was not so fortunate; He was attached to a Land Rover and driven on the rough tarred streets among Abeokuta and Ibadan till he kicked the bucket and was destroyed to pieces. In light of the Alhaji and Kunle’s telephone discussion I accept we as a whole tuned in to, we realize that it could also have happened to President Jonathan in the event that he was not savvy enough to relinquish their claim. Be that as it may, would we be able to proceed with like this?

Take a gander at what they are doing to Nnamdi Kanu? These are similar individuals that composed 70 legal advisors to speak to the Boko Haram suspects that have assaulted, damaged and Killed Nigerians, yet the one they lead us says Nnamdi is too risky to even think about being discharged in light of the fact that he has double citizenship. Is these the sort of spot we will keep on having a place with when we are likely going to have vindictive idiots of this greatness driving us?

I keep in touch with you my siblings to advise you that the Gambaris know for conviction that having broken a larger piece of you into different states in the “South-South,” it might be hard to effectively withdraw recognizing what we know today. So it is improper for you to remind my very own siblings that with or without us, that you will succeed.

We can’t permit the purposeful publicity of these gambaris to keep us separated. We should dismiss it by all methods and endeavors. We stand a more prominent opportunity to prevail as one district. As the more seasoned one of the two broken pieces of our area, it is your obligation to uncover the double dealing that was utilized to delude my kin. It is you that will tell my kin you don’t have any goals to colonize them. We need to on the whole put these union to disgrace by intentionally keeping our relationship welcoming in the area. My dear brethren, I write to demand that you accept it as an obligation to advise us that we are each of the one individuals on the grounds that in truth, WE ARE ONE!

THE LOWER NIGER CONGRESS won’t succeed in the event that we don’t position ourselves for progress. We can’t go to a submission with an isolated house. We have to all concurred that we can’t proceed in this contraption considered a United Nigeria that was based on untruths and promulgation, however was intended to come up short while it oppresses our kin. We have been battered, assaulted, dismissed, mutilated and slaughtered voluntarily for as far back as 50 years. I am discussing the whole Eastern area. While we are being assaulted and slaughtered, we are occupied with seeing each other as our adversary, while the genuine foes grins at our imprudence. We can’t proceed with like this. We should all accept the open door displayed to us by the UNITED NATION CHARTER ARTICLES ON SELF-DETERMINATION FOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLE.

The Lower Niger Congress, has so far made introductions to the US Congress on the situation of our kin, made an introduction to the United Nations, and have had the option to verify a period by which the submission will occur here in our locale. Be that as it may, will we prevail during the appointive procedure on the off chance that we are not joined together? Is it not time we put our swords into plowshare and perceive how we can assume responsibility for our political, monetary future and Cultural improvement?

The Lower Niger Congress having met with conventional and titled pioneers in every one of the sides of the Lower Niger Region accepts the undertaking won’t be a triumph in the event that we don’t consider ourselves to be a unified body. We can’t stand to go into a choice that might be subverted by the publicity stunts of the union of the North. It is our obligation to teach ourselves, instruct our relatives, and instruct our brethren. It is the best obligation we can accomplish for the ages unborn of our district.

This contraption called Nigeria was never intended to succeed, not with the present misrepresentation of Constitution, not with the present mindset that lone a segment of the nation were intended to manage, lastly, not with the present chances that go with those that make it to the initiative position.

At long last, brethren, I claim to all of you to hold delivers realizing our fantasy to assemble another country dependent on standards, concurred ethics, concurred terms and supreme territorial self-governance to incite formative challenge. This is the thing that the LOWER NIGER CONGRESS IS WILLING TO OFFER.CHANGE MUST BEGIN FROM THE NORTH

Entertaining yet true. IN NIGERIA

✳ President – North.

✳ Senate President – North

✳ Speaker House of Reps – North.

✳ Chief of Staff – North.

✳ SGF- – North.

✳ INEC Chairman – North.

✳ Chief Justice of organization – North.

✳ President Court of Appeal – North.

✳ EFCC Chairman – North.

✳ President Federal high court – North.

✳ National Security Adviser – North.

Overseer General of Police – North

✳ Chief of Army Staff – North.

✳ Chief of Air Staff – North.

✳ Controller, Customs

Administration – North.

✳ Defense Minister-North.

✳ MD Port Authority-North.

✳ MD NDIC – North

✳ Controller Prison Services – North.

✳Controller of Immigration – North.

✳Controller of Fire Service North.

✳Highest plunderer North.

✳ Richest man in Africa – North.

✳ 85% of Petroleum Marketers in Nigeria – Northerners.

✳ 80% of Oil Block Owners in Nigeria – Northerners.

✳ 99% of homeless people in Nigeria – Northerners

✳ 99.9% of almajiris – North.

✳ Highest pace of tyke marriage – North.

✳Boko Haram – North.

✳Fulani herders volunteer army Terrorizing Nigerians – North.

✳90% of Nigeria’s past presidents/Head of state – North. However, the Poorest states in Nigeria and Educationally in reverse territories in Nigeria are in the North.


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