The Secret Behind-5G and Coronavirus-Revealed

The Secret Behind-5G and Coronavirus-Revealed
The Secret Behind-5G and Coronavirus-Revealed

The Secret Behind-5G and Coronavirus-Revealed

There has been a conspiracy theory was that the erection of the 5G mast caused the massive death and that some high Government officials ranging from different countries were bribed to agree, of which the Coronavirus was then synthesized to cover up, starting from the Wuhan city.

One would expect that the onset of technology and unparalleled information availability would make humans smarter but the other has been the case.

However, some conspiracy theories are close to the truth while so many other theories are logicaly unintelligible.

Every nutjob and their uncles now peddle the primary insane thoughts that come to their minds as truths and since humans are so hooked in to fear, insanity goes immediately viral on social media.

How then does one describe the connection between 5G and coronavirus considering that America has the very best number of cases and death as of today.

5G may be a relatively new technology and a fast google search will show you ways most countries are still within the deciding or drawing board but this virus is all over the world.

You have access to information in your pockets, use it FFS!

I could continue and on but if that example alone doesn’t help you; sorry but you’re dumb and lost.

The Secret Behind-5G and Coronavirus-Revealed

What you’re seeing now’s a surge in western Anti-china propaganda to delay the deployment of a product that for the primary time America doesn’t have a hand in deploying. This goes to point out you ways dumb the typical human is and the way easy it’s for any smart person or group with extensive PR to take advantage of people so fucking easily.

Viral pandemic has been known to mankind since early BC.

The first recorded global pandemic happened in China in Circa 3000 B.C, and it wiped out the whole village in China, including women, children, adults and the aged. Nobody was spared….there was no artificial electromagnetic wave then.

Another plague rocked the world in 430 B.C., which was known as the Plague of Athens which killed over 100,000 people.

So many other pandemic rocked the world, until another global, and more dreaded one struck the world from 1918 – 1920 which was known as Spanish Flu. This killed around 500,000 people in Nigeria then.

Though, the forces of Globalisation will stop at nothing in bringing about a new world order even if it means paying the ultimate price.

Is this the end of the world? the answer is No.

It was said that the 5G cellular Network test killed hundreds of birds in Holland, which lead to the condemnation of the 5G network. to some, this was nothing new as science has ways of fast tracking Evolution.

The Secret Behind-5G and Coronavirus-Revealed

The coronavirus has some Genetic materials which enables it to replicate itself when it finds a receptor. if your immune system is strong you may not fall sick but if your immune system is weak you will fall sick. However, as your immune system begins to fight back, it registers all activities in your DNA and when you recover from the “pandemic” your immune system will be primed (evolution) against the coronavirus. for example, those in the slums of sub Sahara africa have been proven to have their immune system primed against the mosquito plasmodium, and if a man with white pigment stays in a mosquito infested environment, he may not survive up to 14 days.

Some believe that the coronavirus is designed to raise the human immune system to be able to handle the 5G frequency Radiation and that man is an Evolutionary being capable of adapting to situation in it’s environment.

Hence attributed it to why they never supported Donald Trump when he suggested a cure for the virus, because those whose immune system is not primed against Coronavirus are at risk of getting sick from the 5G frequency Radiation. this was the big secret of the so called 1918 spanish flu.

This is basic physics. A simple chart of spectrum will save us from of these conspiracies.

The Secret Behind-5G and Coronavirus-Revealed

Radiowaves like 4G hardly can break any chemical bond including that of your DNA. They are low frequency radiation with low ionization energy.

Radiations like UV rays, Xrays and Gamma rays are what we should be weary of. They have been proven to cause cancer when exposure to them is frequent. They have higher wave frequencies and are ionized radiation.

Most of these guys who say these things have little or no knowledge on how the electromagnetic spectrum is structured.

There are two types of radiation, which is ionizing and non ionizing radiation.The radio waves that makes up 5G is non ionizing radiation thou it have high penetrating power but emits less gamma Ray’s which makes it less dangerous to human instantly. Thou it is very dangerous in human in coming years, consistent penetrations of beta particles can damage blood cells and cause cancer nd Never the reason for coronavirus. There is no where virus which is living cells in host can cause by radiation which damage cells,how does these two correlate….

There is no proven information or no documentary from any physicist that explain radiation can cause virus,there is nothing like that as far as physics is concerned,it can only damage cell and cause many disease but not infection of viruses.

My point is this; 5G network might not be the cause of coronavirus, but due to its high radiation, it may be causing havoc in people’s immune system making them more vulnerable to coronavirus attack.

The Secret Behind-5G and Coronavirus-Revealed

We humans are nothing but antennas to higher spiritual frequencies, the universe is made up of frequencies, that is why we can connect to emotions, feelings, universal laws, spiritual gateways, etc. Which we feel and know but cannot see.


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