The True Stand of Biafrans in Nigeria


Biafrans have never referenced war. It has been the Federal Government of Nigeria and her characters fuelled politico circle that has been reciting the war drums. From our survey of the character behind IPOB, there has never been any motto of war. I continually hear them sing, ‘Give us Biafra’. They state, ‘Choice’ ought to be held for a vote to remain or not. These are respectful moves. What’s more, an all-around acknowledged standard?

Yet, I think there is a hole that has stayed unfilled in administration. Various gatherings, some innate, have given their voice to Restructuring, and despite the fact that the APC pronouncement unmistakably expressed that they are going ahead board to rebuild the nation, they have would not do as such. Indeed it was Buhari who begun offending others by labelling them 5%. He called Nigerians Baboon and Dogs (will absorb blood), at that point his wonderful spouse called Nigerians Hyena and Tigers and so forth. The whole group of the President, may very well think the whole nation is a zoo. Which is the thing that I trust Nnamdi Kanu saw before following alongside the zoo. I will in general concur that people are creatures of propensity. But we propel ourselves into this war by plan, at that point it won’t be the flaw of Biafrans, yet the disappointment of political administration to endeavour to join the general population by means of strategic vehicles rather than war.

There are just two different ways to gain ground the manner in which you want it throughout everyday life; it is possible that you AGREE to determine your disparities gently with individual co-habitants, or you do battle. You can’t be wavering and claim to be upbeat together perpetually when you are not, you are just kicking the doomsday forward.

Various countries have towed the serene part; Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and so forth.

No one is wishing anyone War. Simply join the harmony adoring individuals to demand for a Referendum as done by edified individuals all over the place. Self-assurance is a basic right of every indigenous individuals, the world has changed since the 60s.

With respect to that extortion of a record named, ”Constitution”, Nigerians continue alluding to, THEY DID NOT PARTAKE IN DRAFTING IT, THEY HAVE ONLY TOLERATED IT FOR YEARS, let Biafrans go in harmony. They are not slaves. Any country’s Constitution or law is an epitome of the general population’s way of life, which you can concur with me that the Biafrans doesn’t impart to you. How at that point would Nigeria be able to draft a constitution that is strange to our way of life and power it on her kin?

Biafrans are not agitating for  war. There will never be a period war takes care of issue. What they are requesting is uniformity, value and decency. Expel standard framework. Give them equivalent state like others. The disappointment of these are the result of the tumult. They want Federal government’s essence in the eastern piece of Nigeria global similarly for what it’s worth in different locales. For the time being Biafra is a philosophy. It streams in the vain of each obvious Igbo man.



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