Top 5 Benefits Of Xenophobia To Nigerians


1) Nigerians can join together and stand together.

It didn’t make a difference whether you were rich, poor, white collar class, from the North, or South, every Nigerian was furious and stressed for the welfare of our siblings over yonder. There was real concern and harmed and Nigerians were loaded up with the need to respond. Obviously regardless we had the odd components; criminal go getters and the unbothered yet the more prominent dominant part were concerned.

2) It is far simpler to scrutinize people with significant influence

This present organization has bunches of faultfinders, myself notwithstanding. What’s more, if there’s something else these recent days has demonstrated Nigerians, it’s that the greater part of the faultfinders are in reality great at pointing out the various mistakes of the legislature, (and now and again potential arrangements) however all in all, they’ll in all likelihood end up being two-timers, voicing out for their own or political increase. These arrangement of individuals are the greatest frauds of all.

3)The outside world couldn’t care less for us…. not so much.

Nigerians are in every case great at bouncing on universal hashtags, you’ll see #prayforthis #istandwiththat very quickly any terrible occasion occurs in any piece of the world. In any case, in the recent days nobody made notice to the dark on dark wrongdoing going on in South Africa. Aside from aljazeera which had a clasp of the assault circling on Twitter, the different news I saw concentrated on the backlash lootings. There was no announcement, no post from any other person denouncing the assault, political figure or VIP.

I would prefer not to begin referring to models however I trust our kin are taking notes.

4) When squeezed, our Government will come through. We as a whole observed what occurred, the administration was serving us the standard lazy demeanor from the outset. However, after weight from all sides, ventured out pulling back from the Summit and reviewing the Ambassador to S/A, the inquiry/contention that they could have improved by suspending all conciliatory and financial occasions with S/A still remains, yet we need to in any case recognize the progression they took. I don’t rate their online networking responses however it doesn’t hurt either.

The main issue is that our Government is accustomed to underestimating us. Be that as it may, I’m almost certain inside themselves they were stunned at the hullabaloo and they’re thinking, “imagine a scenario in which these individuals start posing the correct inquiries together.

5) Lastly, what each Nigerian youth ought to have at the back of his psyche is this; together we have a more intense voice. On the off chance that we can meet up, at that point we will accomplish significance as a Nation. Nigeria is a nation of amazing potential, and profound HR. When we are dissipated, our voices are only a removed reverberation. Anyway when we meet up they should hear the goliath thunder, beginning with the Government. We have to truly begin to consider them responsible for their activities and obligations. With our assets we ought to have the option to at any rate brag of the most essential prerequisites like great streets and stable light. I will get a kick out of the chance to beseech big names like Burna Boy, Davido and Wizkid. These specialists have indicated certified love for Nigeria before and as of late and they employ extensive impact over the Nigerian youth. Envision arranging a Nation wide protest(peaceful obviously) extending for a considerable length of time all over Nigerian states, with our specialists performing and singing about the circumstance. The young people will turn up without a doubt, tremendous groups and placards…both the individuals who truly need change and even those just pulled in by the star appearances. For what reason is it just like clockwork we have revives in Nigeria, with floor brushes and umbrellas? It’s time we employ bulletins rather and request our privileges as natives.


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