Top 9 Nigerian Celebrities With The Most Successful Marriage


Celebrity marriages are most time dependably an open ablaze from the earliest starting point till the end. Most likely that is the reason there is an immense number of failed marriages among popular individuals. In any case, some of them shield their private life from the public. Also, perhaps this is a key to the fruitful family life of celebrities.

  1. Kanu Nwankwo:

The former Arsenal legend got married to his significant other, Amara Kanu at 18. Today denotes their 15 years marriage commemoration. Kanu’s better half accepts that marriage is a development procedure where one learn every day. She got hitched as a youngster. She was so youthful. She supposes she hopped into the profound end and  essentially went with it. She adviced that It takes a great deal of assurance to prop things up in light of the fact that independent of ones age, marriage tosses a ton of bends at you. The primary concern is having the option to skip back subsequent to being hit with an astonishment or what you don’t anticipate.

She disregarded commentators by neglecting most internet based life and gave no consideration to what individuals said. I neglected Facebook and I just marked on to the stage in July 2011. That was not long after I earned a degree in Architecture. The two love feathered creatures are one of only a handful few couples with zero drama. They are honored with 3 kids.


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