Top Netflix Originals You May Have Forgotten



So many shows and movies debut on television and streaming services these days that it has become impossible to keep up. Long gone are the days when the whole country would watch “M*A*S*H*” together. Two of the last remaining super popular shows ― “Game of Thrones” and “The Big Bang Theory” ― just ended. You can now reliably fall in love with a show that nobody you know has ever even heard about.

With Netflix increasing the amount of Originals it debuts every year, now just keeping up with what’s on that one streaming service has become a fool’s errand. Almost every week Netflix adds at least one good-to-great show, movie and comedy special, let alone all the foreign projects and non-Original content the company adds.

And so great shows and movies that debuted only months in the past can feel like they came out years ago.

As such, I decided to circle back on a few shows and movies that I had practically forgotten about myself, despite covering them extensively when they debuted. When looking at a list of everything that’s come out this year so far (and it’s only the end of June), many of these titles elicited an “Oh yeah, I loved that” response from me as I realized I hadn’t thought about them for quite some time. And these aren’t foreign movies or super niche projects that never earned a large audience — almost all of these had a big debut for the few days surrounding their release, but now feel like they might as well have never happened in the culture.


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