Total Transfer Fees Spent By EPL Clubs In Summer 2019


English Premier League clubs have crushed the summer transfer going through record with nearly £1.44billion (N634billion) in arrangements.

Transfer due date days have constantly been the dampest of squibs lately yet it this ended up being a humdinger.

Following the transfer due date on Thursday evening, the 20 English Premier League clubs had burned through £1.438bn (N633bn)gross on new players this mid year.

Weapons store drove the way (£150m/N66bn net) with Chelsea the greatest net gainers up until this point (£80.6m/N35.6bn) following David Luiz’s switch crosswise over London to the Gunners.

The past record spend by the English top-flight clubs consolidated in one window was the £1.425bn (N627.6bn) of summer 2017.

In the event that you think this is all energizing, an expression of alert. The Premier League is the main real association in Europe where the estimation of household TV rights has gone DOWN this season, so a significant number PL clubs will see level or even diminished salary in 2019-20.

What’s more, truly, the general TV salary take will be up on the grounds that outside rights have developed.

In any case, that will chiefly profit the greatest clubs under the new and progressively evil way the outside TV income will be shared.


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