Trump Enforces anti-immigration amid Coronavirus

Trump urge Biden to take Drug-Test before Debate
Trump urge Biden to take Drug-Test before Debate

Trump Enforces anti-immigration amid Coronavirus

U.S President Donald Trump is pushing ahead with his anti-immigration campaign, even as voters report they are more focused with the coronavirus pandemic and the economic wreck it has wrought.

The Republican president won the White House in large margin part as a result to his hard-line idea on immigration, a bedrock issue that animates his base. His administration has maintained that focus despite harsh pressure to respond to the world’s worst coronavirus outbreak and nationwide agitation against police brutality and racism that have stirred a summer of dissatisfaction.

Trump Enforces anti-immigration amid Coronavirus

Trump has initiated new issues this election period, law and order in the wake of the protests inclusive, and unsubstantiated claims that a surge of mail voting due to coronavirus concerns will result to viral fraud. Still, he has instilled sweeping new immigration rules during the pandemic and made it an awareness advertising priority on Facebook.

Recent policy changes include massive closure of America’s legal immigration system, such as restricting the entry of a range of temporary foreign workers and some applicants for permanent residence. With Trump leading in the polls, the White House is preparing further ban in the run-up to the Nov. 3 election, according to Stephen Miller, the brain behind Trump’s immigration agenda.

Trump Enforces anti-immigration amid Coronavirus

With reference to an interview with Reuters, Miller said Trump’s strict decision will contrast with that of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. Permissive immigration policies, Miller asserted, will prove a “massive political vulnerability” in the upcoming poll.

In a recent television ad that was launched on Tuesday in the early-voting war front states of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin, the Trump campaign admonished that Biden’s support for legalizing millions of illegal immigrants residing in the country would subject American employees to more contest in a dismal job market.

The plan amazed some Republican strategists, who say the decision of the election will be determined by mainly on bread and butter matters. Trump’s sagging fortunes are associated to the U.S. failure to fight coronavirus, which has led to the death of more Americans than World War One and resulted to the U.S. economy to contract at its steepest pace since the Great Depression.

Trump Enforces anti-immigration amid Coronavirus

Trump’s use of immigration to entice his core supporters and shift the discussion away from the issues facing the country could inspire swing voters, according to a Republican strategist, Alex Conant.

“If he’s not having a discussion about the pandemic or the economy, he is not having a discussion about what Americans are most focused about,” Conant said.

In an analysis conducted for Reuters, a Washington-based think tank, the Migration Policy Institute, said that before the pandemic, the administration was enforcing immigration policy changes at a rate of about one every three days.

Trump Enforces anti-immigration amid Coronavirus

During the pandemic, there was an increase to about one every two days, a tally that includes both significant changes to the immigration system and logistical moves, which include temporarily shutting down offices that process applications of immigration.

“You would be expecting it to take a back seat to the massive public health and economic issues under COVID,” said Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst at the institute. “Instead the administration has been just as proactive and more focused on immigration issue alone.”

White House and Trump campaign officials say they’re certain the president’s difficult immigration decision is a winner. More actions are likely before the election, including finalized rules that would greatly limit access to asylum, and measures to help protect U.S. workers from competition with skilled foreigners entering the country on H-1B visas.

Trump Enforces anti-immigration amid Coronavirus

Those plans could discourage some voters if they are framed within the pandemic and economic recovery, with reference to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted July 31 to Aug. 4.


U.S. voters ranked immigration as a top priority in 2018 and early 2019, with regards to Reuters/Ipsos polls, but the matter lost track with the broader electorate in the recent half of 2019 and into 2020.

Even Republicans, who have reviewed immigration as a progressively vital focus in recent years, appear to have shifted concern since coronavirus hit the country in March. Like other voters, they now rate the economy and healthcare as top priorities, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll from July 31 to Aug. 4.

Trump Enforces anti-immigration amid Coronavirus

A Republican pollster, Whit Ayres, said Trump’s inability to pivot would make it difficult for him to pick up new voters and gain supporters on Biden, who has been leading in the polls for months.

“His message today read exactly what it was in 2016,” Ayres said. “The country has changed, but the president’s message is yet to change.”


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