UK’s Stand on Fan’s Returning to Sport-Events

UK's Stand on Fan's Returning to Sport-Events
UK's Stand on Fan's Returning to Sport-Events

UK’s Stand on Fan’s Returning to Sport-Events

The U.K government has paused plans for the return of fans to measure sporting events in England from October 1 thanks to the increase in coronavirus cases.

On Monday, the COVID-19 alert level within the UK was raised to a four, meaning transmission of the virus is “high or exponentially rising”, with prime minister Boris Johnson set to stipulate fresh measures to halt the rise in cases.

Plans to bring supporters back to stadia were placed under review earlier this month and pilot events were restricted to 1,000 people attending .

However, minister Michael Gove confirmed to BBC Breakfast on Tuesday that pilot schemes were now on hold, as are plans for fans to return in staged phases, representing a serious blow to a struggling sports sector.

UK’s Stand on Fan’s Returning to Sport-Events

“We were viewing a scripted programme of more people coming back – it wasn’t getting to be the case that we were getting to have stadiums thronged with fans,” Gove said.

“We’re viewing how we will, for the instant, halt that programme, but what we are trying to do is to ensure that as and when circumstances allow, get more people back.

“The virus is a tiny-like structure likely to spread outdoors than indoors but again it’s within the nature of major sporting events that there is tons of mingling.”

Sport has been happening mainly behind closed doors within the UK since it returned following a full lockdown in March.

UK’s Stand on Fan’s Returning to Sport-Events

Approximately 300 spectators were granted access to the planet Snooker Championship final at the Crucible in Sheffield, while a friendly between Brighton and Hove Albion and Chelsea in August saw 2,500 fans allowed into the Amex Stadium.

But Gove said the choice has been taken partially thanks to the criticism the govt received for allowing full attendances to sporting events in March, when COVID-19 was posing a growing threat.

The decision to permit the Champions League last-16 match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid to travel ahead brought scrutiny with Liverpool council probing the impact it had on the spread of the disease, while there’s pressure to seem into whether the Cheltenham Festival should are permitted to proceed at full capacity.

UK’s Stand on Fan’s Returning to Sport-Events

“People reminisce now at the start of the pandemic at a number of the main sporting events then and ask the question why were they allowed to travel ahead,” added Gove.

“What we must do is check out sporting events now with caution but we also recognize that sport may be a vital a part of this nation and we’re watching everything we will do to support our athletes, our great clubs, through what is going to be a challenging time.”

The latest development comes at a time where the sports industry continues to count the value of the worldwide pandemic.

Over 100 leaders from sports bodies have requested emergency funding during a letter to the prime minister.

UK’s Stand on Fan’s Returning to Sport-Events

Sport England has handed out Β£200million for emergency cases, but with clubs continuing to lose money many have said that doesn’t go far enough.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters told the BBC earlier this month that teams were watching losing Β£700m if fans aren’t allowed back to grounds during the 2020-21 campaign, saying it had been “absolutely critical” they were brought back.


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