US-Army brought Coronavirus to China

US-Army brought Coronavirus to China
US-Army brought Coronavirus to China
A spokeperson for foreign ministry of China, Zhao Lijian, tweeted yesterday that “it could be the US army” that brought the coronavirus to China. This has boosted the speculations by the citizens of China for some weeks on social media with reference to the tweet by the politician. The speculation asserts that 300 athletes from the US military who attended the 7th Military World Games in October,in Wuhan were infected with the virus, thereby spreading it in China. Recall the coronavirus was first discovered in Wuhan.

Zhao’s comment accompanied a video from a US congressional hearing in the week on the country’s response to the epidemic. Robert Redfield, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said within the video that some patients who were previously diagnosed to possess died from the flu were found to possess actually died from the coronavirus. The video began trending on Chinese social network Weibo, with many commenting that they now believe firmly that the US had covered up facts associated with the epidemic.

US-Army brought Coronavirus to China
US-Army brought Coronavirus to China

Zhao, who was recently elevated to the spokesperson position at the foreign ministry after building a reputation as a firebrand diplomat who frequently attacks the US, blocked variety of Twitter users who trolled him for being a source of embarrassment to the Chinese government and spreading manipulative assertions on twitter which was restricted in China.

Today, he tried proving his assertions by sharing two articles from Global Research—which claims to be an independent research and media organization based in Montreal—that say there’s further proof that the coronavirus originated within the US.
This article is extremely much important to every and each one among us. Please read and retweet it,” wrote Zhao.
The founder of Global Research, though a Canadian economist who has espoused the manipulative assertions  linked to the H1N1 swine influenza epidemic and 9/11 within the past.

Before his debut as foreign ministry spokesperson last month, Zhao served because the deputy chief of mission in Pakistan. He, along side several dozens of other Chinese foreign ministry officials and diplomats, represent a more vocal, far more confrontational style in China’s PR offensive.

“The inspirational focus for Chinese diplomats to inhibit Twitter is to disseminate the ‘China story,’” said Lokman Tsui, a communications professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

US-Army brought Coronavirus to China
He further stated that he didn’t think diplomats is required to seek for permission before sending out tweets. He believed they ought to know the restrictions before assuming the position of power.

At an appointment for journalists today, another foreign ministry spokesman, Geng Shuang, said he wouldn’t comment directly on Zhao’s tweets but said that “the international community has different opinions” on the origins of the virus.

As the coronavirus began to eat deep into the US, China’s reaction at the apparent confusion by the White House in its response has been a mix of amazement, pride, and even fierce, which has gone viral by state media outlets. Manipulative assertions still points to US for being the originator of the coronavirus which they have claimed originated from Wuhan in China. Zhao’s recent tweets have confirmed these claims.

The hashtag #Zhao Lijian which has about five tweets published in order to question the US# has been viewed by over 4 million users on Weibo.

“I think this is a cheap conspiracy. Even if Zhao has evidence for his claim or not, what right has the western politicians have to accuse China with a conspiracy theory. No Chinese official has questioned if the coronavirus originated from US.
All we invite is transparency [from the US],” said a user (link in Chinese). The comment is probably going regard to comments made earlier by Arkansas senator Tom Cotton that a virology lab in Wuhan might be the origin of the virus, an assertion that has was refuted by scientists globally.
US-Army brought Coronavirus to China

The origins of the coronavirus is additionally a problem that politicians within the US are increasing capitalizing on because the epidemic spreads within the country. Secretary of state Mike Pompeofor instance , has insisted on using the term “Wuhan virus” when pertaining to the epidemic, while California congressman Kevin McCarthy was criticized for using “the Chinese coronavirus” during a tweet


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