US Female-Artists that affected-Humanity with their Music


US Female-Artists that affected-Humanity with their Music

In a society where most of the artists sing a song that doesn’t uphold morals and add any value to people’s life and society. Music is a composed words knitted together with meaning which ought to be used not just for ungodly act but to affect lives through changing of  political views, economic and social perspectives.

A music doesn’t really have to convey the words to affect the society. The women listed below have shaped race relations, gender equality (feminism) and the narrative about politics by their music. Music is a very powerful tool meant not for fun alone but has the tendency to revive, enlighten, empower, entertain and educate us.

May be this is because they are performed by human beings. This explains why written songs will never quite add up. Music has always been the eyes of the world. It is so transparent that it reflects the things that happens in our environment.

It is with no doubt that music can affect the society and humanity like no other art platform. It is quite disappointing that nowadays you hardly see artist that promote and affect society life with their music.

US Female-Artists that affected-Humanity with their Music

They only sing to be danced to in clubs with no meaningful lyrics. They perform with no intentions of changing the narratives of the society. There are so many ill vices going on in the world that can change through music.

Music travels round the globe through so many means technologically leaving the singer behind physically. The advent of recording technology has enhanced the distribution of music worldwide rapidly.

This has encouraged artists to share their intuition with ever increasing traffic and audiences thereby connecting emotionally with listeners in manners that was never possible with sheet music.

Believe me, music has a way of changing people’s perspectives and views, leaves people with thoughts of their preconceived ideas of the world, bringing to limelight things that have never been heard of in the news of the day.

US Female-Artists that affected-Humanity with their Music

Music played a vital role in changing attitudes towards race and s**ism in the US by challenging the status quo in numerous ways by these women listed below

  1. Billie Holiday:

Billie holiday was an excellent artist, an amazing lyrical entertainer. She was the best of her kind with numerous talents embedded in her. She was unarguably one of the best and greatest jazz vocalists of all times.

Frank Sinatra stated that, with few exceptions, every major pop singer in US during Billie Holiday’s generation has been touched in some way by her genius.

Her music, Strange Fruit, a 1939 version of Abel Metropol is an excellent definition of music’s tendency to change society. It was termed, ‘’a declaration of war, the beginning of the civil-rights movement by the record producer and co-founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun.

US Female-Artists that affected-Humanity with their Music

In the US, until the late 30s, music was never used to constructively criticize the problems of racism and segregation. Billie Holiday’s music, strange fruits impacted positively towards this issue. The song leaves people with feelings of disgust and sorrow.

People that were affected by the song went on to march together in support of Martin Luther King Jr, and their grandchildren also did the same for the Black Lives Matter Movement which had a tremendous positive impact on people’s perspective about race.


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