US Increased American Visa Fee For Nigerians


Compelling worldwide on 29 August, Nigerian residents will be required to pay extra as visa issuance charge.

The US Consulate declared this in an announcement issued before today.

In an announcement, the US Consulate in Nigeria clarified that the additional cost will be appropriate to just those whose visa solicitations were granted.”Effective worldwide on 29 August, Nigerian residents will be required to pay a visa issuance charge, or correspondence expense, for every single endorsed application for non-migrant visas in B, F, H1B, I, L, and R visa arrangements,” the announcement read.

“The correspondence expense will be charged notwithstanding the non-migrant visa application charge, otherwise called the MRV charge, which all candidates pay at the hour of utilization. Nigerian residents whose applications for a non-settler visa are denied won’t be charged the new correspondence expense.

“Both correspondence and MRV charges are non-refundable, and their sums differ dependent on visa characterization.”

The announcement additionally clarified that the expansion in the charge depends on a comparable treatment stood to US natives by remote governments, for this situation, the Nigerian government.

As per the announcement, “Visa issuance charges are actualized under the rule of correspondence: when a remote government forces extra visa expenses on U.S. natives, the United States will force equal expenses on residents of that nation for comparable kinds of visas,” the announcement read.

“Nationals of various nations worldwide are presently required to pay this sort of expense after their nonimmigrant visa application is affirmed.

“The all out expense for a U.S. native to acquire a visa to Nigeria is right now higher than the all out expense for a Nigerian to get an equivalent visa to the United States. The new correspondence expense for Nigerian residents is intended to dispose of that cost distinction.”


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