Why Chrissy-Teigen slams rich friends

Why Chrissy-Teigen slams rich friends
Why Chrissy-Teigen slams rich friends

Why Chrissy-Teigen slams rich friends

Chrissy Teigen has told “rich” celebrities to not invite freebies from her.

The ‘Lip Sync Battle’ star is unimpressed by the amount of requests she’s had from famous faces for PR boxes from her Cravings by Chrissy Teigen range – which are typically given bent influential people to market the products – when she knows they might easily afford to shop for the gathering themselves.

She posted on her Instagram Story and I quote: “Please don’t invite a box. My marketing budget isn’t infinite but my love for you is. Also I see a number of u asking and you’re literally rich (sic)”

Why Chrissy-Teigen slams rich friends

The 34-year-old celebrity, with 2 children Luna and Miles, with husband John Legend – clarified her fans that what she posted on instagram wasn’t directed towards them and she’ll be doing “a ton of” giveaways for them.

She wrote: “That message was honestly meant for my friends who that wrote, ‘Uh mine hasn’t gotten here yet.’ That’s ’cause I didn’t send it to you. Just kidding…kind of.”

Chrissy explained not all the boxes are sent out yet and, amid the coronavirus pandemic, someone has been doing their best to urge all of them delivered.

Why Chrissy-Teigen slams rich friends

She wrote: “I’ve somebody cruising around and doing this one at a time. What do you want from me? We’re tiny. We’re small, okay? I know it’s like everything’s just easy, but I promise…you’re gonna be ok.”

The ‘Chrissy’s Court’ star admitted she features a newfound appreciation for the PR boxes she receives herself, admitting she wont to often donate them to people .

She said: “previously I used to form my very own boxes, i might procure boxes at all times. I would usually donate them or give them away and that i usually just didn’t consider about it.

Why Chrissy-Teigen slams rich friends

“I was like, ‘Oh I’m keen that the person who made the box doesn’t know i have then, so I started makind mine too

“And holy s**t it’s a ton of work. Shout out and much love to people who do it on their own. I had a lot of help…I put it together, it’s very curated, it’s like a labour of love.

“And i will never discard one or not thank a person that sent it to me immensely.


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