Why Nigerians Should Not Be Mad Over South Africa’s Visa Free Status Denial



In spite of the fact that a great deal of variables are militating against advancement of this nation going from awful authority, perilous “political practice”, budgetary neglectfulness, etc. In the event that we are to be earnest you will concur with me that of the considerable number of nations in Africa, Nigeria is inexhaustibly honored, be it in farming and mineral assets. Be that as it may, the inquiry that consistently rings a bell is the manner by which have we had the option to decidedly investigate and change over them to build up our nation to an advantageous status. Trust me we will most likely be unable to achieve that status on the off chance that despite everything we have individuals who don’t think or accept defilement has cost this nation a great deal of things which in reality realizes why Nigerians need away definitely. Take a gander at it from this point… Transportation, Electricity, Petroleum and different elements that adds to improvement of business and economy are not very much overseen and if that is the situation, you can’t anticipate that supernatural occurrence should occur. We need to search internally yet then when it goes to the survival of the fittest in your very own nation is there any good reason why anyone won’t lean toward a greener fields.

A noteworthy piece of South Africa’s economy depends on its travel industry. Envision Nigeria, India and China make up 30% of the total populace yet have no visa free association with South Africa. That just demonstrates to you that it’s not about populace measure rather its about dollars and pennies. This advancement will positively affect business and relaxation the travel industry. It will likewise open the entryway for future exchange and remote direct speculation.

Americans can venture out to South Africa without visa yet South Africans need visa to enter America. They are not griping since Americans are known to venture to every part of the globe and burn through cash that lift neighborhood economies. The GDP of California alone is greater than that of the whole mainland of Africa joined. So you see, cash rules.

South Africa shouldn’t give us visa free status into their nation, let us stay in Nigeria and create it to be the jealousy of the world.

We have an adage: “One doesn’t eat toxic substance out of disgrace or sentiments”… Indeed, even as people, philanthropy has limits. Do you realize what will occur if the migration of edgy Nigerians into these nations isn’t checked? Do you realize what will befall their economy in the long run?…

Attempt and reason impartially from the perspective of the financial groups of those countries… For what reason do you think Trump is fixated on putting firm confinements to movement?.. For what reason do you think nations like Iceland, Qatar, and Luxembourg are very wealthy?…

Rwandans didn’t get away from their monetary burdens by enormously emigrating… Ghana as well. Counting South Africa… We should all things considered and persistently returned this country on her feet, or die with it. I’m grieved, yet nobody is going to endure your weights, not when they have their own… In addition, the absolute wealthiest dark individuals on the planet today are Nigerians, all in all, what is our reason? Lagos state alone produces more riches yearly than some African nations.

Apatheid segregation is a refined word for isolation and isn’t useful for anybody. One of the books my father passed on to me was “Zambia will be free ” composed by Kenneth Kaunda. The collection of memoirs reflect the battles of Zambia and different nations in Southern Africa to be free in the twentieth Century. The colonialists appeared to have delighted in the atmosphere of the district than some other in Africa and South Africa was their transport stop.

South Africa has fruitful grounds for Agriculture and in particular a one of a kind arrangement of customs and religion. They talk in one voice and have consistently pondered overcoming the entire of Africa however they are unpretentious about it. South Africa’s national song of devotion is sung in their local lingo which is exceptional for an African nation that would prefer to use in English or French.

They realized the White principle was bad for them so they battled to be free. They couldn’t do only it thus the remainder of the world helped them. They were dealt with like slaves in their own nation . It is their characteristic assurance not to be curbed that made them rebel against separation and is gaining them ground financially and innovatively. Their encounters with the whites have left permanent stamps in their history so they dread outsiders who compromise their tranquility like the Nigerian foreigners.

For people attributing the population of Nigeria to the denial, No population isn’t the issue. At the point when a nation has the greater part of its populace living underneath the neediness line, no nation will issue free visas to such nation. America’s populace is greater yet its residents can go visa allowed to a nation with a populace the size of Lagos. What’s the distinction? On the off chance that most Nigerians are well off enough to spend traveler Naira in SA and return, regardless of whether we are a trillion in Nigeria, SA will issue that free visa.

So rather than Nigerians being distraught at SA, we should fix our economy so different nations will need us in their nations.


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