Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal

Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal
Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal

Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal

President Donald Trump may have fired State Department military officer Steve Linick because he was investigating U.S. military deals with Saudi Arabia. This was revealed by Democratic lawmakers on monday, although Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State said he sought Linick’s removal because his work was undermining the department.

Trump announced the planned removal of Linick during a letter to deal with Speaker Nancy Pelosi late on Friday. He was the fourth government military officer that the Republican president has ousted in recent weeks.

Pompeo told the Washington Post he had asked Trump to fireside Linick, while declining to explain specific concerns. Pompeo said no reason had to tend , contradicting Congress’ interpretation of the military officer law.

Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal

“I visited the president and made clear to him that military officer Linick wasn’t performing a function in a way that we had tried to urge him to, that was additive for the State Department,” Pompeo said.

Another State official revealed to Post concern that Linick was fired due to leaks about the Saudi arms sales investigation, although there was no evidence Linick was responsible.

Representative Eliot Engel, chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, and Senator Bob Menendez, who are the ranking member on Senate Foreign Relations, reported that Linick had been investigating Trump’s declaration of a national emergency last year to erase the evidence about the $8 billion in military sales, mostly to Saudi Arabia.

Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal

Engel and Menendez however declared interest on Saturday to launch an investigation over Linick’s firing.

“I have learned that there could also be one more reason for Mr. Linick’s firing. Following my request, Linick’s office was investigating Trump’s suspicious announcement of a national emergency so as to deliver arms to Saudi Arabia ,” Engel reported during a statement.

Engel called on the administration to suits the probe and switch over records by Friday.

Washington Post was the first to report Engel’s statement.

Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal

Congressional aides however said that Linick was trying to ascertain whether Pompeo mismanaged a taxpayer-financed political appointee to carryout personal tasks assigned to him and his wife.

Trump said Linick had been appointed by former Democratic President Barack Obama, which he knew nothing about him, but had the proper to terminate him. “I just go rid of him,” he said.


Trump stepped on many members of Congress and some Republicans last year, by declaring a national emergency which caused tensions with Iran to sidestep congressional report and which has to do with $8 billion in military sales, most especially to Saudi Arabia.

Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal

The House and Senate passed resolutions to dam the sales. But Trump, an ardent advertiser of both arms sales and ties to Saudi Arabia, vetoed them. The Republican-led Senate upheld his veto.

Menendez said he believed Linick was on the brink of coming to a conclusion in his investigation of the arms sales. He also introduced legislation to protect inspectors general.

Some Republicans also expressed concern.

“Congress’s intent is obvious that an expression of lost confidence, without further explanation, isn’t sufficient to satisfy the wants of the IG Reform Act,” Grassley said.

Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal

A top Republican, representative Michael McCaul, on the House Foreign Affairs committee, was investigating the matter, a spokeswoman said.

Trump changed Linick with Stephen Akard, a politician pioneering the affairs of the Office of Foreign Missions and also an ally of vice chairman Mike Pence.

Explaining Linick’s firing to Pelosi, Trump said only that he not had “fullest confidence” in Linick.

Why Trump-Fired Military-Officer Probing-Saudi Arms-deal

Pelosi wrote to Trump and asked him to supply “detailed and substantial justification” for Linick’s removal within 30 days.


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