Wizkid’s Baby Mama and Manager, Jada Dumps Him Over Domestic Violence


Following quite a while of guarding Wizkid and concealing the other Wizkid’s Baby mom’s to make them look stupid and desirous, Wizkid’s third baby mom and supervisor has taken to her Instagram page to draw in compassion toward being in an abusivesive relationship. At the point when the other baby mother’s were shouting out, she was luxuriating and concealing them. She always shower acclaims at wizkid on her Instagram page just to get the other baby mom’s desirous. I am so disillusioned with Jada. Subsequent to ruining others, blast karma occurred.

There is a proverb that says, sweeper is sitting tight for the following. At the point when a man treats a lady awful, he is probably going to treat the following lady the equivalent, except if he settles on cognizant choice to stop. Never be familiar that man that has abused different ladies throughout his life cause life is dynamic.

Wizkid has demonstrated to have a toxic attribute. Each lady in his life can’t continue saying something very similar, he truly need to assess himself. There’s a little refinement in what is viewed as poisonous and harsh conduct. A relationship can be dangerous and not really be harsh but rather a relationship can’t be damaging without a presentation of lethal conduct.

Harmfulness is about unbalanced activity/response cycles while damaging is about control. Unbalanced or harming articulations might be exactly how an individual is nevertheless maltreatment will include a cognizant exertion to carry on along these lines make an unevenness in power and control elements.

By and by, a relationship where one individual feels debased, exhausted, unsupported, assaulted, misjudged and disparaged isn’t incredible for anybody and couples should look for assistance in adjusting this inconsistency. On the off chance that you are single, look out for indications of poisonous quality and misuse and make sure to reexamine your choice to go ahead with the individual. Try not to disregard negative conduct or examples in your relationship.

Dear men, how might you anticipate that the future should be better in the event that you continue leaving a trail of hurt and harmed young ladies who will wind up bringing up your youngsters with them? What sort of youngsters do you expect a mishandled/harmed lady to raise?

If it’s not too much trouble compassionately assess yourself.


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